• Ramdhenu Welfare Organisation
  • An Educational, Cultural and Social Welfare Organisation, Assam
  • Estd. 2012

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To organize the people of the area under one roof and thereby try to work together for development of the area in all respects.

To promote activities for the educational and socio-economic development of the society both in rural and urban by providing various training, programs, source etc. of the youths for their future economic guarantee for their self-employment and absorption.

To look after for development of all roads, lane, bye-lanes, supply of pure drinking water, proper electrification, etc. in the area.

To encourage the application of science and technology in proper manner in improving the day to day life style and livelihood.

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Procedure of the General Meeting :- The General Meeting will be held at least once in a month.
Quorum of the General Meeting :- In presence of 1/3rd members of the total members, the quorum of the General Meeting will be formed, but no quorum in case of adjourned meeting is needed so far.
Election procedure of the Executive Committee :- The Executive Committee will be constituted through democratic procedure amongst the meeting of the member of the Society in any General Meeting.
Short description of the Executive Committee :- Primarily the Executive Committee is consists of members which includes –
The term of the Executive Committee :- The term of the Executive Committee will be 3(Three) years, subject to increase or decrease in due purse if felt required.


Development, Water, Education, Health, Agriculture, Environment, Natural Resource, Population, Disability, Housing, Emergency Relief.